Have world events caused you to question whether you're living in a dream – or a nightmare? If so, and you're tempted to adopt the spinning top technique used by Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Inception to reveal the truth, you might want to use Limbo. Designed by Fearless Toys, Limbo is a spinning top (that's not really a top) that will keep spinning for hours at a time – so you can fool yourself that everything will be alright when you wake up, for a little while at least.

Fearless Toys has actually cheated a bit with its device. It may look and feel like the spinning top from Inception, but it's not really a top at all. It's actually a self-balancing gyro that keeps on spinning long after regular tops topple. The magic comes courtesy of an accelerometer, integrated circuit, and silent motor powered by a rechargeable battery that are all embedded within the CNC-machined spinning shell, and the ball bearing at its tip.

Assuming it doesn't encounter any obstacles, its creators say their algorithms will ensure Limbo keeps spinning for around four hours, which should be more than enough for someone to start questioning whether they're in a dream or not.

Recharging the internal battery is achieved in about 30 minutes via a microUSB port accessed by unscrewing the CNC-machined outer casing, which comes in aluminum or titanium. Whereas the titanium casing is only available in a native titanium finish, the aluminum casing is offered in native aluminum, matte black, or glossy black finishes.

Fearless Toys is raising funds for Limbo on Kickstarter with pledges starting at US$49 (half the expected retail price) for a standard Limbo, rising to $299 for a World Record Kit that includes a special mechanism and non-chargeable batteries that can supposedly see the Limbo spinning for more than forty hours.

The campaign appears to have struck a chord with backers, having far exceeded its $40,000 goal to raise more that $310,000 with a month and a half still to run. If everything goes to plan, Limbos will be spun out to backers this December.

Check out Limbo in action in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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