On Monday in Paris, automotive giant Peugeot put one of its most remarkable offspring on show at its head office located at 75 avenue de la Grande Armee. The Swilden desk was originally commissioned in 1966 for the foyer of the then new Peugeot head office in Paris - the same building in which the reproduction is on show.

Three desks were created and three receptionists were each seated at their very own work of art. Since they were decommissioned, the three extraordinary industrial chic desks have been so sought after at auction, and as displays in contemporary art exhibits, that French furniture designer Furdess has negotiated with the original designer, Ben Swildens, to create a limited re-release of eight desks.

The mirror-polished stainless steel desks have no visible welding, and have been sculpted by a precision metal workshop in Lyon. Each is numbered and signed by the designer.

The desk will be on display at the Peugeot Head Office until January 19, when it will be presented at the Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair from January 21 by the famous Art Gallery Felix Marcilhac.

Only three are still to be sold, with an asking price of EUR65,000 (approx. US$87K at time of writing) a piece and Felix Marcilhac will sell the remaining pieces.

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