Wireless technology has been available for a good many years, but reliability, affordability and complexity issues mean that many players prefer to remain cabled to an amp. Line 6 is looking to solve such problems with the Relay G10, a plug and play system that's claimed as easy as using a cable and has enough battery life to survive the longest of noodlefests.

Line 6 says that its digital wireless technology is the most advanced in the industry. The Relay G10 promises 24-bit digital sound quality over the 2.4 GHz ISM band and uses encoded digital channel lock to ensure signal integrity. Cable Tone technology is reported to match the character and feel of a standard guitar cable.

The system is made up of two components. The transmitter unit features a 0.25 inch jack that can be plugged into any guitar's instrument input, meaning a player can use one unit to switch instruments on the fly. The system auto activates when the jack is fully plugged in, avoiding the noisy pops you get when changing cables, and the receiver module auto scans available channels and selects the best one. The receiver has both XLR and 0.25 inch outputs for amp/PA connection flexibility.

Players can look forward to up to 8 hours of continuous play before the transmitter needs to be plugged into the receiver for a recharge. Line 6 says that an auto sleep mode could extend battery life to as much as 200 hours of play.

The Relay G10 carries a suggested retail price of US$249.99 and will be available from April.

Line 6 introduces the Relay G10 in the short video below.

Product page: Relay G10