Last year, California's Lithium Cycles launched a 1,000-watt e-bike on Kickstarter that married funky retro styling with modern motorized tech. After a successful campaign, the Super 73 is now up for pre-order as the Scout, a slightly different beast to the crowdfunded model, and one that could be had for less than a thousand bucks ... if you're quick.

The 1970s vibe of the original Super 73 has been retained for the Scout, with a few notable differences. The below-seat battery pack has moved to a dedicated "fuel tank" position, the padded seat has been shortened and there's an option available with a cargo rack at the back, as well as front and rear lighting.

The mid-frame motor has gone, and been replaced with a brushless DC rear hub motor – 500 W for US versions and 250 W for EU models. The limited edition "Rose Ave" flavor packs a 48 V/14.5 Ah Li-ion fuel tank that is promised to have the rider zooming along at up to 20 mph (32 km/h) for over 40 miles (65 km) using the twist grip throttle, or farther if leg power pumps the pedals. The standard Scout rocks a 36 V/8.8 Ah battery for over 20 miles (30 km) of range at up to 18 mph (29 km/h).

Either way, a recharge of the removable battery pack is reported to take between 3-5 hours via any 110-220 V wall outlet. In pedelec mode, the Scout offers three electric-assist levels, and 20 x 4 inch alloy rims wrapped in chunky fat tires make it suitable for road, dirt or bike path use. There's a mid-frame kickstand, disc braking provides stopping power and an LED control panel shows battery level, speed and mileage information. Though local regulations may differ, the company does say that riders will not need a special license or registration to use the Super 73 Scout.

The standard Super 73 Scout is currently up for pre-order for US$995, with the price increasing to $1,299 after August 10. The pre-order deal for the limited Rose Ave model comes in at $1,395, which will increase to $1,699. The European version has a pre-order price of $1,055, and a suggested retail price of $1,379.

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