Pants are a wardrobe staple for good reason, but with so many types and styles to choose from it's easy for consumers to get overwhelmed when it comes to buying a pair. You could go for something practical for the daily commute, but then you'll need to change into something more appropriate for work. Maybe you need something durable enough for the outdoors, but also want something comfortable enough for the couch. Wouldn't it be great if there was a solution that solved all of these problems?

That is where LIVSN comes in. This amazing company from Fayetteville, Arkansas has created a second version of their already best-selling Flex Canvas Pants. Consumers asked and LIVSN answered with an even better version with many more features.

LIVSN has designed these amazing Flex Canvas Pants to be a favorite pick in the closet and built to last. What's new and improved in the second version? A revised roll-up leg system features a roll-up button location optimized at 12 inches up across all sizes, along with a recessed-stitched cat-eye style button that ensures greater durability. Riding a bicycle to work is becoming more popular and these pants make it easy to ride without the worry of getting a pant leg caught in the chain. Larger knife pockets are now on both legs and have been expanded by half an inch wide and one inch tall. The waist pockets have also been upsized to accommodate larger phones.

Sustainability is a big player in so many consumer's eyes these days and LIVSN has made sure to meet those expectations for their customers. Flex Canvas Pants are now made with Ecoflex Canvas, which contains organic cotton and recycled polyester, while C6 durable water-repellency ensures that these pants are great for work and the outdoors. Along with improvements to the fabric, an optimized fit has been tailored to enhance and provide a more flattering silhouette.

Flex Canvas Pants have been built to be used outdoors as well as being the perfect work pants that provide maximum mobility thanks to the gusseted crotch, while articulated knees allow mobility that is necessary for those outdoor activities or tough work on-the-job. The zippered double layer back pockets also ensure that all belongings will stay secure.

Those who want to get their hands on a pair of the discounted 2.0 versions of LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants 2.0 can get them here.

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