The Lockey Bottle Lock looks like the perfect gadget for keeping your favorite drop safe and secure. Made by LockeyUSA, which offers a wide range of keyless entry locks for more traditional uses, the Bottle Lock securely slots into wine and liquor bottles with a twist to keep that 1865 Chateau Lafite from being scoffed by your alcoholic brother in law.

Securing a bottle with the tamper evident Bottle Lock involves setting the four number combination then placing it in the bottle opening and twisting it so that it locks in place. Once attached, only the correct combination – or breaking the bottle – will free the alcoholic beverage encased within.

As well as protecting your liquor from friends and family members who fancy a tipple, the fiddly combination lock could also let you know if you’ve had enough yourself.

The Lockey Bottle Lock is available through Amazon for US$19.99.

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