It was just last week that we heard about UV Sense, L'Oréal's new ultraviolet light sensor that fits on the user's thumbnail. To get a reading from the tiny device, you have to pass your smartphone over it. What if you want things to be even simpler, though? Well, you might want to try the no-phone-required LogicInk UV.

The waterproof device is applied to the skin like a bandage (or a temporary tattoo) and is being made in two designs. One of them features a small ring within a larger ring, while the other simply takes the form of two parallel bars.

It's made from proprietary inks that change color based on their exposure to sunlight, and the idea is that sunscreen will be applied over top of it.

One of the rings/bars immediately changes from white to purple, the shade of which is determined by the current intensity of the sunlight. The other ring/bar, meanwhile, is composed of three sections that incrementally change from purple to bright pink – first one, then two, then all three – based on cumulative UV exposure. Once all three have changed to pink, you'll know that you've reached your daily UV limit (the current version is designed for fair-skinned users).

The San Francisco-based LogicInk company is currently planning on launching the product in the second quarter of this year, at a price that has yet to be determined.

Source: LogicInk

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