To some, playing video games is something one does on occasion for fun and/or to kill some time. To many others, gaming is a passionate hobby that demands the best of the best. Whether it's upgrading to the latest PC hardware, or creating comfortable seating for friends around a console device, many gamers look for ways to maximize the experience. Logitech has just announced its Artemis Spectrum G933 and G633 headsets, which cater to those who demand high-performance audio and cross-platform compatibility.

Multichannel speaker systems are fantastic for movies and games, but they're not very portable. And they have the tendency to wake up sleeping people just as the action is getting good. Logitech's wireless G933 and wired G633 Artemis Spectrum gaming headsets support 7.1 surround sound and are designed to connect with mobile devices, home theater systems, game consoles, and PCs. Versus speakers, these headphones are easy to carry and keep the audio personal. In addition to featuring patent-pending Pro-G audio drivers, the Artemis Spectrum headsets reportedly are the first to offer both Dolby and DTS Headphone:X compatibility.

The 7.1 surround sound helps to create an immersive environment that's enjoyable for movies and critical to many types of games. Having accurate spatial awareness and being able to clearly hear the direction of subtle sounds can mean the difference between preventing a surprise gunman attack or being on the receiving end of a lethal double-tap.

In order to let users seamlessly switch between different audio sources, Logitech has created the Artemis Spectrum headsets with a trio of programmable buttons. Through the Logitech Gaming Software, commands can be set to each of these G-keys. Whether it's for controlling music tracks, switching sound profiles, triggering in-game actions, or activating push-to-talk communication, the G-keys provide a useful way for users to customize their experience.

Both of these Artemis Spectrum headsets feature multi-source audio mixing, which is designed to transmit sound from multiple connected devices simultaneously. The additional analog inputs and USB Mix Adapter (G933 only) can, for example, allow users to listen to music play from a smartphone while gaming on a console or PC. And if someone happens to call, the built-in noise-cancelling microphone lets users communicate without pausing what they're doing or missing a beat.

The Logitech Artemis Spectrum wireless G933 and wired G633 headsets are available now for pre-order for US$199 and $150, respectively. Check out the video below for feature highlights.

Source: Logitech

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