Logitech to release wireless stereo VoIP headset

Logitech to release wireless s...
Logitech ClearChat PC
Logitech ClearChat PC
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Logitech ClearChat PC
Logitech ClearChat PC

March 7, 2008 As the rapid growth of VoIP communications continues (Skype for example, had 276 million user accounts at the end of 2007 and almost 8 million people are shown as online as this article is being written), its no surprise to learn that computer peripheral specialist Logitech has entered the wireless headset market. The Logitech® ClearChat PC is the company’s first wireless stereo headset designed for Internet calling with a PC and uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a USB transmitter to deliver a cordless link that's effective at up to a distance of 33 feet (10 meters) from the computer.

The plug-and-play unit is compatible with both PC or Mac and promises crisp stereo audio through proprietary laser-tuned drivers with minimal interference in busy environments like airports. The headset also incorporates a noise-canceling microphone on a flexible boom and volume and microphone mute controls are located on the right earpiece. The unit also switches to mute automatically when rotated to an upright position and the microphone glows red to let the user know its status.

The ClearChat PC Wireless headset works several calling applications including Skype®, Windows Live™, Yahoo!®, Google Talk® and AIM®.

“More and more people are making voice calls over the Internet, but until now, they have had to choose between wired headsets that keep them tethered to their PCs or wireless headsets that offer poor audio and voice quality,” said Gina Clark, general manager and vice president of Logitech’s Internet Communications business unit. “With the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless headset, people can make a PC call while grabbing a snack, sitting on the couch or leaning back in their chair – PC calling has never been so convenient and never sounded so good.”

The Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless is due on shelves in the U.S. and Europe in May for USD$99.99.

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