August 18, 2008 Logitech has released quite a slick new wireless keyboard designed and optimized for use with Macs. Made from brushed aluminum and a single piece of Plexiglas, the keyboard features keys with longer travel than typical notebook keyboards despite its slimline (1/2-inch) profile, a fast scrolling circular navigation pad and single-button access to Mac applications like iTunes.

The "PerfectStroke™ key system" is based on research showing that longer key travel benefits the typing benefits your typing experience - and we tend to agree given that this is why many of us plug full-size keyboards into our laptops.

Bluetooth range is specced at up to 30 feet (10 m) and the keyboard package also includes a fast charging base stand that can provide one day of usage from a five minute charge, or a full charge (approximately one months usage) in two hours.

Navigation features include a 38 mm circular touch pad with horizontal and vertical scrolling which can increased in terms of speed by a factor of 10, plus a 57 mm touch-sensitive volume slider. The Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard weighs in at 940 grams, measures 11 mm (H) X 410 mm (W) X 210 mm (D) and costs USD$159.99, which is kinda high-end given that Apple's Wireless keyboard is priced at $79, but it is a sharp looking, highly functional piece of hardware.

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