Most people don't think about it, but in a typical office the filthiest object in the room is the computer keyboard. Go ahead, pry off the keys behind any keyboard you've had for a few months and you're likely to find a mess of dust, food crumbs, sticky coffee stains, and other debris. Cleaning this grimy mess is a tedious task at best, unless of course you're packing the likes of Logitech's new K310 - a washable keyboard designed to be submerged in water so that cleaning it is as easy as doing the dishes.

The main two features that allow the K310 keyboard to be washed so easily are its durable design and drainage holes on the bottom. The keys are all laser printed and UV coated to protect them from fading after repeated cleanings. Likewise, the tilt legs and overall frame are thick enough to withstand a bit of force and can resist most surface scratches. The drainage holes on the bottom allow for water to flush right through the keyboard along with any grime and then dry much more quickly.

Now this doesn't mean it will stand up to the same treatment as most of the dishes you'd toss in your sink. Unlike Seal Shield's washable keyboard offerings, the K310 isn't dishwasher safe, so it needs to be hand-washed only in warm water no more than 30cm (11 inches) deep and 50°C (120°F). The keyboard also won't stand up to and abrasive cloths or detergents, and the USB cable still needs to remain dry at all times. Still, it sure beats the old keyboard cleaning method of pulling off every single key and scrubbing it down with a Q-tip.

Logitech is currently selling the K310 keyboard for US$39.99 through its website.

Check out the video below to see how quickly the K310 washable keyboard can be cleaned.

Source: Logitech

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