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Logitech introduces $60 wired iPad keyboard aimed at classrooms

Logitech introduces $60 wired ...
Logitech's new $60 Wired Keyboard for iPad is made with students in mind
Logitech's new $60 Wired Keyboard for iPad is made with students in mind
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Logitech's new $60 Wired Keyboard for iPad is made with students in mind
Logitech's new $60 Wired Keyboard for iPad is made with students in mind

Plenty of companies build Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, with the end goal of trying to make the tablet function more like a laptop. The problem with most of them is that they can be costly, and are not built for the rigors of student life. With this in mind, Logitech is introducing its US$60 Wired Keyboard for iPad, which offers a more reasonable price tag and an extra helping of durability.

The wired functionality makes it easy for teachers to leave these in the classroom and use multiple iPads with the same keyboard. While Bluetooth requires pairing with each iPad used, a wired variant brings plug-and-play functionality, which could prove useful in a school environment.

Logitech's new keyboard is spill resistant, plus it has a key lifespan of five million strokes, so it should be able to withstand a good amount of daily use.

Another notable feature of the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad is the full-sized keys. This should make it comfortable for students and users who are accustomed to typing on a traditional laptop. It also features shortcut keys for copy-and-paste, Siri, App switching, and an integrated Home button.

Logitech will offer the new wired keyboard in both 30-pin and Lightning models. Each will retail for the same $59.99, but the Lightning model is expected to be available in the US in August 2013, while the 30-pin variant will not be out until October.

Source: Logitech

John Driggers
I think Logitech missed the design boat here. What they should have brought to market is a single lighting connector keyboard bundled with a lightning-to-30-pin adapter so you could use the keyboard with any i-device that will take the input keyboard data. The millions and millions of 30 pin i-devices didn't disappear when the lightning connector was introduced and many have homes have both types of devices. Users are unlikely to spring for two keyboards-and just might forgo Logitech altogether in favour of a bluetooth keyboard that will work with all their devices. And if schools are the target market, the same issue applies if the students are supplying their own i-devices.
Rann Xeroxx
Why would you have a $500 tablet with a $60 keyboard when you can just setup a $270 Samsung ChromeBook. For about $650 you can buy into the whole Google ecosystem of with MDM and 100% hardware warranty for 4 years.
Maybe in science lab I can see some of the sensors and cameras being used but then just get a $200 Nexus 7 for that and you can just plug a USB keyboard with a micro adaptor for that.
But then our public schools are experts at dumping money down a hole.