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LokLok allows friends to leave messages and drawings on your lock-screen

LokLok allows friends to leave...
The LokLok app in use
The LokLok app in use
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The LokLok app in use
The LokLok app in use

Your phone's lock-screen is used to keep would-be snoopers out of your messages, but a new app turns this idea on its head. Once installed, LokLok allows friends to leave messages and drawings on each other's lock-screens. Two things seem certain: it will be great fun and it will all end in tears!

There's nothing especially complicated about LokLok as an idea, but giving a user's friends creative access to their lock-screen is certainly an interesting premise. Once installed, users are asked to select a group of friends with whom they'd like to use LokLok. An extra layer is then added to their device's existing lock-screen on which doodles and messages can be exchanged. Users can set up multiple different groups with whom to use the app.

Waking a device from sleep will take a user straight to the LokLok screen. Users can use their finger or a stylus to write messages or draw pictures. A palette menu allows users to choose brush types, sizes and colors. Users can also take pictures straight from the app or import images from their gallery and draw upon them.

Once a user has finished, the final image will be visible on the lock-screens of all users in the "conversation." The drawing screen works like a white board. Once a picture has been created, anyone involved in the group can add to it or erase it and start again as they see fit. Kwamecorp, which has created the app, says that all user groups are private and no that history is saved.

LokLok has already won Best New Application at the UK Mobile & App Design Awards, despite having only gone into open beta today. Individuals no longer need an invite to use it, but there will likely be some bugs and quirks to iron out. Users are invited to provide feedback on what they find.

"Since we launched the first version, we’ve had over 10,000 users trying the app and the feedback that we got was outstanding," says Kwamecorp in a blog post. "We’ve had conversations with our Beta testers, added new features, iterated on existing ones and have seen our metrics evolve as a result. During the last weeks, we put a lot of effort on usability, privacy and stability and we now feel that LokLok is solid enough to be open to everyone."

LokLok is available for Android and can be downloaded at the Google Play store.

The video below provides an introduction to the app.

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LokLok - Connected lock screen for Android

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1 comment
Mel Tisdale
Anyone who has been married long enough for the seven-year-itch to have started making its presence felt would be well advised to give this a very wind berth if they plan to experience the next seven-year-itch with the same partner.