Earlier this year, new 3D printers that could continuously output models thanks to a conveyor belt platform or constantly refreshed build plates came to light. The Loop 3D printer from Turkey's Teknodizayn Ltd is similarly capable, but is being pitched as the only industrial grade 3D printer able to produce batch after batch after batch without needing an operator.

The Loop 3D printer continuous model is able to automatically clear objects from the build plate upon completion, move them to a built-in storage bin and then start on the next batch. And as it doesn't need a user to recalibrate between prints, it can keep going until the job's done.

Operators can set up the print run from STL or OBJ files using an integrated 10.1-inch touchscreen computer. The build are is a generous 25 x 35 x 50 cm (9.8 x 13.7 x 19.6 in) and the Loop 3D is able to print anywhere between 10 to 400 micron layer heights.

Thanks to a hardened steel nozzle and dual-gear extruder, the machine can handle a range of filament source materials, with the company boasting that "there are literally no filaments you can not use on Loop as long as the melting degree is under 300° C (572° F)."

Linear guide rails and mechanical parts made from CNC machined aluminum are said to help the Loop 3D achieve 12.5 micron X/Y positioning accuracy, while the Z-axis mechanism is accurate to 0.3 microns.

The Loop 3D made its debut at the recent formnext 2017 trade exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, and though it will be made available in both continuous and non-continuous printing configurations, we've no word on when that might be or at what price.

Source: Loop 3D

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