Might we one day wonder how our delicate hair ever withstood the harsh treatment of a brush that wasn't connected to the internet? Probably not, but L'Oréal has a few ideas about how it can make for more lovely locks. Developed with Kérastase and Withings, the Hair Coach uses a microphone and sensors to detect brushing patterns and signs of excessive force, presenting users with insights and recommendations through a companion smartphone app.

The Hair Coach works in a similar way to the series of smart toothbrushes we have seen pop up in recent years that are designed to encourage healthy habits. Built into the device are an accelerometer and gyroscope to track brushing patterns and count strokes, a conductivity sensor so the brush knows if it is working on wet or dry hair, three-axis load cells that measure brush force and a microphone that the company says can keep an ear out for sounds that indicate breakage, frizziness and split ends.

All of this data is then relayed to the accompanying mobile app, which considers factors like humidity, temperature, UV and wind before offering a hair quality score, along with insights and tips on how to brush up on your, um, brushing habits.

The battery-powered brush is splash-proof and is said to work with a variety of hair types. There is no exact figure on pricing, although L'Oréal says it will retail for under US$200 and will be available midway through 2017.

You can check out the promo video below.

Source: L'Oréal