Australian company Lotus Belle has recently released the newest edition in its range of luxury tents which have been created especially for glamping (luxury camping).The Outback Deluxe is a 5 m (16.4 ft) circular tent that represents an upgrade from its 4 m and 5 m predecessors.

The Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe is the evolution of the company's original Lotus Belle design, which was created by founder Harriet Seddon who grew up in the South West of England.

"Hariet came up with the design at just 19 years old," Lotus Belle company director and co-founder, Jessica Haden Walsh tells Gizmag. "We decided that this great original design could be adjusted for the Australian and New Zealand markets."

The Outback Deluxe is a single skin tent made from thick canvas and features mesh screens, large roof vents, increased ventilation, a second door and velcro flaps which seal in the ground sheet to keep out any creepy crawlies. The canvas is a cotton and polyester blend which is durable and has a natural feel and, according to Walsh, it's their most breathable design yet.

Furthermore it is fully wind resistant and features clear window panels so that users can enjoy the view no matter the weather conditions. The only draw back is the added weight due to the denseness of the canvas.

"The Deluxe has an extra door at the back, whereas with the Outback it only has a mesh panel at the back," explains Walsh. "Some people want the back wall solid so they can place furniture or a bed at the back, others love the extra door option. With the extra door not only is it more breathable but its great for adding an extension on the back, for example a kitchenette. It's also popular for festival or farmers market traders who can use the rear door to store things out back."

The durable tent (the company's motto is "tents for life, not the landfill") takes as little as 45 minutes to erect and the design packs down into a banana shaped bag which allows users to keep the supporting poles attached to the walls. With the poles already attached the tent then only takes 15 to 20 minutes to assemble.

"It's super fast and great for festivals and pop-up hotel set ups," says Walsh.

The Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe is not only suitable for glamping, but can also double as a portable yoga studio, an early childhood center, pop-up bar, backyard guest retreat or even a studio or office space.

"I have had customers live in them," says Walsh. "One lady lived in a Lotus Belle in the Australian bush and rescues wildlife from bush fires during the summer. Resorts buy them for accommodation during the busy periods and I've even had one chap hire one so he could propose to his girlfriend!"

The new Outback Deluxe costs about AUD$3,000 (US$2,300). Unfortunately the Deluxe model has already sold out in Australia and the USA, but there are still units available in New Zealand and the company will have its next batch ready for delivery in June 2015.

"We don't mass produce our tents, so we do sell out, but its worth the wait when we have them," says Walsh. "We still have Outback tents in stock which are awesome if you've got a lot of furniture to throw in. We're also about to announce a new version of the Lotus Belle, lighter weight and more portable."

Source: Lotus Belle

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