Dubbed Love 2 House, this cleverly conceived concrete home from Japanese architectural studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects is built on a micro block of land, measuring just 29.5 sqm (317.5 sq ft). Designed to house two adults, it features an innovative floor plan and high ceilings, offering a user-friendly interior with the sense of additional room and space.

After living in his original Love House for 10 years, leading architect and teacher of Waseda University Art School, Takeshi Hosaka conceived the Love 2 House with the goal of creating a space that not only provided the basics for everyday living, but nurtured his lifestyle and comforts. The result provides all the sufficient elements within the tiny living scope.

Love 2 House is built with concrete panels, wooden flooring, large central sky light and a combination of timber and concrete interior furnishings. The 19-sqm (204.5-sq ft) home is designed around a meandering path that provides privacy in the rooms that need it, as well as creating hidden nooks for storage.

The house includes a compact central kitchen, double bedroom, exterior tiny courtyard with bathtub, bathroom with full shower and separate toilet, and a multipurpose living zone. The open living/dining area boasts a floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door, that opens up the space to the outdoors and quaint adjoining walkway.

The key defining feature is the high concrete ceilings, reaching to the skies in an effort to give the occupants a sense of more space. The large curved skylight, which is split down the middle, allows natural light to filter through the entire home all year round. Furthermore, the height of the interior, coupled with the sliding doors and windows, allows good airflow during the warmer months.

To save space most of the home's features have been built into the solid structure of the home, including the concrete kitchen, bathroom, outdoor bathtub, dining benches, bookcases, shelving and storage throughout the home. Overall, the simple layout of the Love 2 House and its clever floor plan, creates a sense of fluidity and harmony, without sacrificing an inch.

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