Low-cost HSI3000 Thermal Imaging Camera

Low-cost HSI3000 Thermal Imaging Camera
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September 28, 2006 If you’ve always wanted a thermal imaging instrument so you can diagnose all those problems that are just begging to be investigated with such a remarkable weapon, then you’ll be delighted to know that a new low cost HSI3000 has been added to the range of Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Cameras. The US$5995 HSI3000 is an ergonomically designed, hand held, light, compact, and easy-to-use thermal imaging camera, used as a detection and diagnostic tool for condition monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems and building diagnostics such as detecting moisture damage, pest infestation, insulation integrity, as well as energy auditsand Wahl is now offering attractive leasing packages to further ensure we can all get our hands on one.

The Wahl Heat Spy HSI3000 features a 160 x 120, uncooled microbolometer array, capable of producing crisp high-resolution real time thermal images displayed on a large, bright 3.5" color LCD with LED backlight in any of the three user selectable color palettes. Two measurement cursors, movable anywhere in the image, provide temperature readings at each cursor location, and indicates real-time differential temperature measurement between the two points anywhere along the 14 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to +250 degrees Celsius) range. A trigger activated Class II laser, precisely identifies problem hot spots shown on the marked center of the display. Up to 1000 images can be stored on-board for recall and post analysis, and images can also be downloaded to a PC from the supplied SD card or USB connection for use with the software included. The HSI3000 is powered by a long life LI-ion rechargeable battery.

Standard accessories included with the Wahl Heat Spy HSI3000 are: battery, AC adapter, USB Cable, user manual and software CD, rugged carrying case, wrist strap, SD card and SD card reader.

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