Following the appointment in July of MAD Architects to design the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA), the first design images have been released. The design blurs the line between the structure and the surrounding landscape. It aims to explore the relationship between nature and the urban environment.

The Chicago-based LMNA isn't the first museum that MAD has worked on. The firm has previously designed Mongolia's curvaceous Ordos Museum, as well as an artificial island to house Asia's largest private art museum. This most recent project seeks to create a place for education, culture and inspiration.

The museum claims to be the first of its kind and will display works of art such as illustrations, comics, cinema, experimental film, and digital media. It also promises to host lectures by "the most gifted, intriguing and inventive artists and filmmakers of our time," and to work with other arts museums, community groups and schools to deliver "groundbreaking" education programs.

The structure itself rises resembles a huge snowdrift, rising up smoothly from the ground and extending outwards at the base. It undulates across the landscape to create different internal spaces and will be connected to the neighboring green space Northerly Island by a bridge.

The main body of the LMNA is crowned with a floating disc. This circular observation deck will give visitors 360 degree views of the surrounding area, including of Chicago and Lake Michigan.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is due to be completed in 2019.

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