If you're going on a family road trip, everyone's luggage will no doubt take up a lot of space inside the car. That's why Lugga (pronounced "looga") was created. It's a system that incorporates aerodynamic hardshell suitcases, which lock onto a custom roof rack while in transit.

Each 70-liter/7.9-lb (3.6-kg) Lugga suitcase features a built-in set of roller wheels, a retractable handle, and a TSA-approved combination lock. It can be used on its own for air or land travel, just like a regular suitcase. When the time comes to hit the road, however, it can be key-locked onto a custom anodized aluminum roof rack.

That rack is reportedly compatible with pretty much any type of vehicle. Horizontally placed on it bottom-to-bottom, two of the suitcases present a streamlined profile not unlike that of a car-top roof box – a maximum of four suitcases can be carried. The cases are weather-resistant, so rain shouldn't cause their contents to get wet, plus their reinforced plastic shells are resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Users can leave the rack on the car when the suitcases aren't being transported, utilizing it to carry things like bikes or kayaks – an assortment of dedicated mounts are in the works. That said, it can also be removed and folded laterally accordion-style, so it takes up less room when off the car.

If you're interested, Lugga is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$495 will get you two of the suitcases plus a two-case rack, with $770 required for four cases and a four-case rack – the planned retail prices for those packages are $900 and $1,400, respectively. Assuming the system reaches production, shipping is estimated for next February.

Source: Kickstarter

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