December 28, 2007 Nursery rhymes, a gentle lullaby, some desperate parents even drive around the streets in an effort to send baby off to sleep. The “Lullabub” presents an automated solution to this age old problem in the form of a remote controlled rocking system for a baby’s cot (or “crib”) designed to soothe your little one to sleep with a quiet, rhythmic motion.

Australian inventor Christopher Mitchell was a sleep-deprived Dad who discovered his baby would go to sleep if he rocked her with a jerky, rapid movement and this led to the design of the Lullabub system - a device that consists of four pieces that sit under each leg of most cots and automatically “rocks” them. The unique design ensures that the whole cot is on an independent suspension system and the cot’s structure is maintained. There are four movement choices – mother’s womb, mother’s heartbeat, a boat on the water or a ride in the car. If baby needs more rocking (the Lullabub is time set to 30 minutes) the remote control and night light allows you to “rock” from the nursery door.

Importantly, electronics cannot be accessed by children outside the cot and the Lullabub operates with a low voltage power.

The USD$199 Lullabub complies with electrical regulatory standards in Australia, the UK and USA (check the Lullabub website for details) and complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) so can be used world-wide. Lulling baby to sleep just got a whole lot easier.


  • Four preset settings
  • Automatic Timer setting
  • User friendly Remote Control
  • A Night Light
  • Fits under most new & used cots
  • Independent suspension
  • Maximum size leg is 90mm (3.54") x 45mm (1.77"). Any combination of measurements lower than these will fit in the Lullabub unit.
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