Anyone who has to take medication on a regular basis, especially at different points during the day, can attest that remembering to take pills at the right time can be challenging. Lumma is a new device being developed to make that experience a little less painful by keeping track of your medication and notifying you when it's time to take it.

Larger than previous "smart" pill boxes we've seen, like the Memo Box, Lumma can hold up to a 3-month supply of either 6 or 12 different types of pills and remind you when it’s time for that heart medication or birth control. It also keeps track of when you take your medication each day as well as when you accidentally miss a dose.

Each pill is automatically sorted into its own reservoir within Lumma, and will be dispensed either on a schedule you provide via the device's touchscreen, or on-demand for things like pain medication or other pills you only take as needed. You can tell the device you’re going on vacation and get all the pills you’ll need for your journey at once. There's also a battery back up in case mains power is cut off.

When it comes time to take medication, the device alerts you with lights and an alarm. Using an an accompanying mobile app, you can also be notified on your smartphone if you don’t happen to be around Lumma at the time. Notifications can come in the form of a standard push notification through the app, or can be sent via text or email, meaning that you can still get notifications on a "dumb phone".

Additional notifications can be set up to remind you to do things like bring your pills with you to work. You can also set up notifications within the app to remind you to take liquid medication, even though you can’t store that medication within Lumma.

Within the app you can also read about the medications you’re taking and their potential side effects, and share information about what you’ve taken and when with loved ones or medical professionals.

Lumma is currently in development and as yet there is no clear indication of when it will become available.

Source: Lumma

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