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LunaBlocks - modular furniture for the young at heart

LunaBlocks - modular furniture...
LunaBlocks modular building block sofa
LunaBlocks modular building block sofa
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LunaBlocks modular building block sofa
LunaBlocks modular building block sofa
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June 12, 2008 Inspired by children’s building blocks, Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker have designed LunaBlocks, a furniture concept that sees giant colorful blocks stacked together to form all sorts of furniture.

For a unique coffee table, just grab two LunaBlocks, add a piece of glass and voila! Similarly, a chair or bench seat can be created quickly and easily.

LunaBlocks can be made from a variety of different materials including metal, concrete and acrylic glass and are available in sets of one, two, four or eight pegs.

The range includes LunaSoft which is specially designed to be used as kid’s furniture. It is very resistant, extremely light and is made of expanded polypropylene (Arpro®), which is a shock-resistant material. These blocks could be teamed with the pillow-like LunaLight which is made from natural rubber and can be stacked on other luna blocks to create more comfortable seating.

Two more sophisticated members of the LunaBlocks family are LunaMetal, which is cast in steel and makes an elegant bookshelf or coffee table and LunaGlass which can be matte, opaque or translucent and will be updated each season with new colors and materials.

LunaBlocks can be purchased on-line from Homology;=79#=8 and are priced from EUR14 to EUR35 (approx. US$22 to US$55 at the time of publication) per block.

Via Lunatic Construction, dvice.

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