The little black dress with a built in mobile phone

The little black dress with a ...
Strike a pose, answer the phone (Image: The Star)
Strike a pose, answer the phone (Image: The Star)
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Strike a pose, answer the phone (Image: The Star)
Strike a pose, answer the phone (Image: The Star)

The little black dress is an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe. And if this design from CuteCircuit is any indication it could soon also be essential for staying in touch too. The M-dress is a little black number that has a mobile phone built into it. The wearer answers the dress by lifting their arm to their head as if they were holding one of those passé mobile phone handsets and disconnects once they lower their hand.

Francesca Rosella told The Star.com that she designed the dress along with fellow CuteCircuit co-founder, Ryan Genz, because she was sick of rummaging through her purse searching for her phone and not reaching it before it rang out. Obviously the M-dress isn’t going to be suitable attire for all occasions but Rosella says it’s intended for special evenings when you don’t want to be weighed down by your usual accoutrements.

A SIM-card is placed in a slot underneath the dress' label, while the phone’s antenna is located in the hem. Before guys go getting excited at the prospect of dialing a number by prodding various parts of the wearer’s anatomy, the M-dress doesn’t actually have a keypad and can only be programmed to call one number – which is presumably done by striking a particular pose. There’s also no display so you won’t be able to screen your calls. Rosella points out that simply scratching your head won’t trigger the phone unless someone is calling at the same moment.

And the M-dress is no crazy concept or pipedream. CuteCircuit plans to sell it through Selfridges department store in London from next year.

Via The Star

Mary Panjari
I absolutely must have one!
that\'s gotta be the dumbest idea I heard in ages.
what happens when you put it through the wash?
Do you have to go without phone access when it\'s at the drycleaners, or swap your SIM into another phone? Or do you just buy 5 of these and wear nothing else?