The release of the latest MacBook Air is the most drool-worthy tech news of the week and the folks at iFixit haven't wasted in any time in unboxing and unbolting the new 11-inch version of Apple's thinnest ever laptop. Inside an array of six individual lithium-polymer battery cells is revealed alongside the tiny SSD that weighs grams and is only 2.45 mm thick.

What's new? The power adapter is slightly smaller than its predecessor, the microphone has been moved from the screen to the body of the machine and for the first time Apple has included a USB software reinstall drive loaded with Snow Leopard and iLife '11.

Prospective buyers should also note that the RAM is soldered to the logic board as in previous models – so no upgrades if you don't go for 4GB off-the-bat.

Even if you don't intend to roll-up the sleeves and take to the new Air with a (specially modified) screwdriver, it's a fascinating to see what's crammed into the innards of these wafer thin machines.

See ifixit for the full teardown.

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