Machine-to-machine communications market grows

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July 20, 2005 Machine-to-machine (M2M) is one of the world's fastest growing communication segments, and electronically connecting the world's 50 billion machines has the potential to dwarf everything that has come before it in the communications space and we expect a significant proportion of Gizmag readers will be interested in the developments – so here’s a significant new resource to add to your bookmarks - caters to the rapidly changing landscape of this marketplace with free news, white papers and reports. M2MUpdate is published by telematics conference organizer and publisher of telematics news Telematics Update. offers a gathering place for the industry, with regularly updated news and press release sections. Registration is free, and all registered users will automatically receive a free e-mail newsletter recapping the latest events in the industry. Subscribers also will receive free reports on the M2M market and its various vertical segments.Vertical markets covered on the M2MUpdate site include automated meter reading (AMR), utilities, vending, security, manufacturing and retail.

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Bill Walker
Love it! Firsts are wonderful doors to amazing futures. I was thinking of an old Radio Shack TRS 100 computer that ran all day on flashlight batteries, had 6 lines of alphanumeric display, plugged into a phone connection for interface with other computers. Not the internet of today but not bad for nearly 40 years ago!
Bill Walker