Flatpack furniture may be easier to get home than the already built variety, but getting to grips with fiddly screws, hex keys and "simple to follow" instructions can soon eat away at your free time, and your patience. Designer Benjamin Vermeulen aims to remove the hassle from this chore with his range of magnetic furniture which simply snaps into place, no tools required.

Dubbed Magnetic Assisted Geometry, (or MAG), Vermeulen's furniture line currently consists of a chair, a table, and a cabinet. The furniture looks attractive and is made from steel and wood, snapping together during assembly thanks to carefully placed powerful magnets.

Assuming the furniture remains as structurally sound as one would hope, this idea offers real benefits: no more worry of losing an essential screw during assembly, while also allowing far easier disassembly should you wish to move or sell the furniture. Additionally, replacing parts should be easier since there's no need to unscrew anything first.

We've currently no word on availability or pricing for the MAG furniture line, but will let you know as soon as we hear back.

The video below shows some furniture being assembled.

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