Magellan and Primordial announce practical off-road GPS system

Magellan and Primordial announ...
Ground Guidance software will be integrated the Magellan Triton
Ground Guidance software will be integrated the Magellan Triton
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Ground Guidance software will be integrated the Magellan Triton
Ground Guidance software will be integrated the Magellan Triton

February 6, 2008 Magellan has partnered with Primordial to integrate the Ground Guidance system into its Triton line, providing a combination of elevation data, land cover and aerial imagery to generate more practical data for those who venture off-road.

Currently, GPS can only provide off-road users with simplistic maps that often fail to include obstacles such as dense forest, lakes and rivers, steep inclines and natural hazards. The Ground Guidance system is designed to generate practical and efficient off-road routes through inhospitable terrain. Ground Guidance color codes the map into fast, slow and impassable areas, giving users the opportunity to plot their trip accurately and safely.

By providing an open system and developer kit, Magellan is enabling companies like Primordial to develop unique and valuable navigation solutions for Magellan customers. Primordial’s Ground Guidance software will be integrated into future generations of the Magellan Triton product line to deliver the first handheld GPS of its kind. Users will be able to purchase regional content to activate the off-road navigation capability. For current Triton users, a free upgrade will be available through Magellan’s VantagePoint software, a powerful new desktop application that enables users to manage and expand the content on their Magellan GPS device.

“Magellan is working to put people in control of their navigation experience with innovative and beneficial applications like Primordial Ground Guidance that give you the best information and map resources available to enhance your navigation experience,” said Christian Bubenheim, vice president of product marketing for Magellan. “Ground Guidance, combined with the simplicity and power of our GPS devices, will assist outdoor enthusiasts who like to visit remote places where there are no clear trails, tracks or roads, helping them to get to their destinations quickly and safely.”

The civilian GPS market will be worth an estimated US$22 billion this year.

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