Keeping a jerry can of gasoline in your car may help if you run out of fuel, but it's also highly dangerous and is therefore illegal in most places. According to the Makers of Magic Tank Emergency Fuel, their product is the safe – and legal – alternative to packing a jug of gas.

When Magic Tank is poured from its container into a car's fuel tank, it will apparently allow the vehicle to continue traveling as far as it could using an equivalent amount of gasoline.

The liquid is derived from gas, but contains "no volatile butanes, pentane, hexanes or heptanes." To you and me, this means that it's officially designated as non-flammable. It will ignite if exposed to a spark or flame at a minimum temperature of 105ºF (40.5ºC), but that's far higher than the flash point of gas. It's also biodegradable, and reportedly won't harm the engine.

So, if the stuff is so much safer than gas, why not just run your car on it all the time? Well, because it works by displacing the residual gas that's still in the bottom of the tank – even when your car can't go any farther – pushing that gas up so it can be used by the engine.

Magic Tank is available via the link below, with prices starting at US$29.99 for a half-gallon (2-liter) bottle. For those of you who might remember Spare Fuel or Extra Fuel, it's the same formulation as those now-defunct products.

Source: Magic Tank