Occasionally an invention comes along that promises to change mankind fundamentally, enable us to grow as a species, and expand our capabilities beyond what was previously thought possible. MagKey isn't one of those kinds of inventions at all. It simply uses magnets to stop keys from jangling, but we're still impressed.

The MagKey pack comprises a keyring and a set of 1 mm (0.039 in)-thick magnets, in both positive and negative polarity, plus an optional keychain. It works as follows ... you attach the sticky side of a positive magnet to one side of the bow of a key and a negative magnet to the other side. The keys are then threaded onto the new keyring, positive attracts negative and a few keys become one block for jangle-free bliss.

To unlock a door, the appropriate key just needs to be separated from the block, and reattached when done.

There's a choice of two optional keychains available too, either black leather, or a paracord chain with a clip and integrated firestarting kit that brings to mind the Survival Laces we covered. MagKey's creators also say that the magnets won't rust, break, or render your credit card or flash drive useless.

MagKey is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to help bring it to production. As of writing, the San Francisco-based firm behind the project is asking for a minimum pledge of US$11 to snag a four-pack of MagKeys, though you'll have to stump up $27 to get the choice of either the leather or paracord keychain. Assuming all goes well with production, shipping is estimated to start in January, 2016.

Check out the video below to see the MagKey pitch.

Sources: MagKey, Kickstarter

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