The FIA Institute, a not-for-profit arm of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) dedicated to developing and improving safety and sustainability in motorsport, has awarded Formula E team Mahindra Racing "Progress Towards Excellence" status as part of its sustainability program. The accreditation recognizes the steps Mahindra is taking to minimize its environmental impact.

Among the steps highlighted by the FIA Institute are Mahindra's strong environmental policy and its specific targets for improvement. The objectives of the team's environmental policy include recording water use, waste production, the design process, and transport and travel emissions to establish base figures by the end of 2017, then reducing travel emissions by five percent per person by the end of 2018 and achieving carbon-neutral operations from 2018.

To achieve its objectives, a group with Mahindra will be tasked with championing and monitoring the reduction of emissions. Regular audits of monitoring documents and processes will be carried out, team members will be educated about what they can do to help lower emissions, and Mahindra's sustainable practices will be promoted both internally and externally. The environmental policy itself will also be reviewed every six months.

Mahindra is only the second motorsport team globally to be accredited as part of the sustainability program and the achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that several parts of its environmental strategy are said to be at a developmental stage. The FIA Institute has encouraged Mahindra to continue developing its efforts with a view to achieving the highest level of accreditation, the Achievement of Excellence.

The sustainability program is run by the FIA Institute to help motorsport stakeholders "measure and enhance their environmental performance." Last year, Formula E became the first championship promoter to reach Achievement of Excellence status. This, coupled with the planned Roborace autonomous racing championship, shows the all-electric racing series continuing to innovate.

The second race of the 2016/17 Formula E calendar takes place tomorrow in Marrakesh, Morocco.