There's no shortage of iPhone cases out there, from ones that add a physical keyboard or USB storage, to ones that want to keep your precious Apple device safe from water … or even bullets. But the Klyp from Manfrotto has more humble ambitions, it has been designed to help you take better photos and video by making it easier to add lighting and hold the phone steady.

The Klyp is Manfrotto's first iPhone-centric product. Rather than allowing you to add DSLR lenses or a dedicated shutter button, the Klyp is designed to tackle the main problems of smartphone photography and videography: lighting and the ability to hold the phone steady.

Made from rigid polycarbonate with a soft-touch coating, the Klyp case features a felt lining to ensure your iPhone 4/4S (there's no iPhone 5 love yet) remains scratch free and two snap-on adaptors allow you to attach photo/video accessories and supports. When the snap-on adaptors are not attached, the case remains relatively sleek and streamlined thanks to Manfrotto's rail system.

The snap-on tripod adaptor gives your iPhone a standard thread, like a camera, which means you can steady it on almost any tripod, allowing longer exposures at night or steadier videos and video-calls. The snap-on light adaptor gives a standard flash shoe for mounting lighting such as LED lights which can be used to improve low-light photos and videos.

Manfrotto is offering the Klyp as five different kits which include a case and two adaptor clips option for using your own accessories, along with options including a combination of Manfrotto LED lights (for videography, Facetime and photography in low light situations) and Manfrotto pocket tripods (for supporting the phone case when out and about).

The Klyp case kits will be available from October with prices starting at £24.95 (that's around US$40.50).

Source: Manfrotto

Here's a quick video from Manfrotto showing how photography accessories attach to the Klyp.

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