Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift? How about a limited edition copy of Norman Mailer’s epic tale of the Apollo II journey, including a signed print of Buzz Aldrin for just US$1500? And if that takes your fancy, a Marc Newson designed “Lunar Rock Edition” of Mailer’s tome including your own piece of genuine moon rock is sure to blow you away…and it will only set you back US$90,500.

Newson designed the Lunar Rock edition for Taschen’s re-release of Mailer’s seminal tale of the Apollo II story. Each of the 12 copies, numbered 1958 through to 1969, comes with a specimen of lunar rock ranging in weight from 0.4 grams to 30.34 grams. The Lunar Rock editions were due to be unveiled at Art Basel, Miami Beach on December 3 and will be on show until December 6, 2009. The exhibition will feature the Lunar Rock book alongside a specially designed coffee table featuring aluminum legs shaped like the Apollo II struts and a moon-like surface.

As a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo II mission, Taschen paired Norman Mailer’s classic text, Of a Fire on the Moon, with incredible photographs from sources such as NASA and LIFE magazine to create a limited edition hardcover book. The reprint - called Moonfire - includes a signed photograph of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon, one of the most recognizable photographs from the Apollo II mission. Each print is numbered, archival-quality and framed in Plexiglass. The books number 350 pages, including 4 foldouts and features original photographs that have been restored using digital technology and are limited to 1969 copies. See Taschen for more details.

Note: Amazon has Moonfire listed at $800. Bargain!

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