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The control tower at Fort Hood.
The control tower at Fort Hood.
Don't try this at home!
Don't try this at home!
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May 10, 2005 Lockheed Martin has been awarded a five-year contract to provide live fire training systems to the U.S. Marine Corps' Air Ground Task Force Training Command at the 29 Palms Training Range in California. The initial contract value is US$3.7 million, with a potential five-year value of $17.1 million if all options are exercised.

The contract encompasses production, deployment and support of a variety of live fire targetry devices and simulators including infantry lifters, armor lifters, shoot back devices, black smoke generators, dust generators, three-dimensional targets representing various military vehicles, range control station and hand held controllers. Work will be performed at Lockheed Martin's Huntsville, AL facility.

"Live fire training is just one of the methods being used by the U.S. Marine Corps to prepare for combat in both traditional and urban settings," explained Jim Craig, vice president of Ground, Maritime & Civil Solutions at Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support. "Coupled with virtual methods, today's Marines receive some of the most sophisticated training possible to enable them to accomplish their mission."

The new live fire training systems are intended to meet the Marine Corps' current operational requirement to modernize range instrumentation and simulation. It also is designed to increase live fire training capabilities at 29 Palms.

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