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Marquis Jet offers 25 hour fractional program bonuses

Marquis Jet offers 25 hour fractional program bonuses
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October 25, 2004 Marquis Jet have become the global leader in private jet cards sold in 25 hour increments, offering all the benefits and advantages of owning your own private jet without the long term responsibilities. And now they have partnered with luxury consumer electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. in a promotional program in the United States.

Under the terms of the alliance, new Marquis Jet Card Owners will also receive a number of Bang & Olufsen exclusive items, including a complimentary, lightweight designer Bang & Olufsen earphone dubbed 'Earset 1'. It is crafted from anodized aluminium and hard rubber, giving it a robust, durability to accommodate any mobile phone type and a flexibility to adjust to any ear.

In addition Bang & Olufsen will offer a designer phone with any first purchase by a Marquis Jet Card owner when they show their Marquis Jet Card, as well as a complimentary home consultation from a trained Bang & Olufsen specialist for a customized and totally integrated home theatre system and VIP treatment and previews of exclusive Bang & Olufsen previews and events.

Existing Bang & Olufsen clients will receive a special invitation to become Marquis Jet clients and exclusive benefits on future Bang & Olufsen product purchases.

The partnership between the two companies will also see Bang & Olufsen America, Inc, outfitting the NetJets airport owner lounge in White Plains, N.Y. with a customized home theater system including a state-of-the-art plasma television and sleek audio system. Additionally, joint marketing initiatives and co-sponsored events are planned for 2005.

Marquis Jet fleet is provided under an existing strategic partnership with NetJets, who pioneered the concept of fractional jet ownership in 1986. With fractional jet ownership, you gain all the convenience, access and time advantages of owning a jet aircraft at a fraction of the cost. You maintain control by deciding when and where to fly in order to meet your individual business or personal objectives. Yet, you have no day-to-day aircraft management concerns, scheduling issues, maintenance worries, payroll responsibilities, unproductive downtime, or unexpected costs.

NetJets operates the world's largest and most diversified fleet of more than 500 aircraft, staffs 2,800 highly trained and experienced pilots, and provides the world's safest and most secure private aviation travel solutions.

The Marquis Jet 25 hour private jet card is available throughout North America and Europe, catering to businesses and individuals.


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