For several years now, California-based Martian has produced stylish smartwatches that hark back to more traditional designs. Its latest smartwatch, the mVoice G2, is the biggest blend of old and new yet, combining mechanical watch hands with a full round OLED display.

Smartwatches have sat in an odd position over the years, never fully embraced by the mainstream but continually evolving, becoming more impressive and useful with each passing generation. The mVoice G2 isn't Martian's first smartwatch, but it is certainly the culmination of everything previous offerings from the company have been working to achieve.

The big gambit of the mVoice G2 is its combination of old-style mechanical hands and 3D minute and hour markers sitting on top of an OLED display that allows for all the state-of-the-art smartwatch features one would want in 2017. It's a clever idea, keeping the traditional aesthetic of a wristwatch for those that enjoy old-school styling, while providing the extra functionality of a modern smartwatch.

In terms of smartwatch features the mVoice G2 is solid, with complete voice control capabilities, and it is system agnostic, meaning it can work with Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. A quick flick of the wrist activates whichever voice assistant you have set up.

As any good smartwatch should, the mVoice G2 can mirror most notifications your smartphone would display, including those from third-party apps. There are customizable vibrations and LED colors that can be associated with messages from selected persons or specific apps.

The company claims the mVoice G2 has the longest battery life of any voice-controlled smartwatch on the market, with up to seven days of smart feature usage on a single charge. The mechanical arms can run for up for 60 days separate to the digital smart features, meaning that if you forget to charge the watch for a few days it won't get the time right only twice a day.

Martian is launching the new watch on Kickstarter, and smashed its goal pretty quickly. The early bird price is US$129 (or two for $220), with a planned retail price set at $245. If all goes to plan, Martian estimates delivery for May 2018, which sounds reasonable considering the company has manufactured smartwatches before.

Take a look at the mVoice G2 in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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