New York audio brand Master & Dynamic has introduced its "most technically sophisticated headphones yet," and its first wireless over-ears with active noise-canceling technology.

We admit to being suitably impressed with Master & Dynamic wireless headphones in the past, but up until now the over-ear cans have only offered passive noise cancellation – where some ambient noise is blocked as a result of a good fit and seal. With the release of the MW65 wireless headphones, active noise-cancellation will have you listening to music free from much of the outside world's noisy distractions.

In fact, Master & Dynamic has built two active noise canceling modes into the MW65s. The high setting is designed to minimize interference from city streets, airplanes and other noisy environments, while the low setting deals with lower noise situations such as walking on a windy day And you can always power off the active noise-cancellation if you'd rather go passive.

The headphones make use of Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, though the company does promise three time the range of others in the industry – which should allow you to wander some 65 feet (20 m) away from the music source without losing the signal.

Elsewhere, the MW65s boast a 24 hour battery life per charge, and if you do run out of juice mid-playlist, a 15 minute quick charge will give you 12 hours of use. Clear, balanced delivery is promised from the 40 mm Beryllium drivers and users can make use of built-in Google Assistant for voice commands.

The MW65 Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are available now for US$499.

Product page: MW65

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