This cuboid studio cantilevers impressively over a steep slope above and behind the owners' main residence, offering them additional room to work, relax, and entertain, while enjoying the ocean view. It also features solar panels that produce enough electricity to run both the studio and the main house.

The owners of the aptly-named North Avoca Studio recently relocated from Sydney to North Avoca, New South Wales, and commissioned architect Matt Thitchener to increase their living space.

The studio is framed in steel, features Spandek cladding, and is raised on steel stilts, with access gained from the main house by steel staircase. Inside, there's a total floorspace of 60 sq m (645 sq ft), spread over one floor. It includes a living and dining area, as well as a wet bar and bathroom. The glazing is generous, though curtains can be used to add privacy. Sliding glass doors offer access to a balcony area with views of the Pacific.

North Avoca Studio is topped by a solar panel array. We've no figures available on exactly how much electricity it produces, but Thitchener says that it provides enough juice to comfortably run both itself and the main residence, while excess power is stored in batteries. Greywater is also used to irrigate the fern garden planted under the structure.

The project was completed in 2017 and recently received a commendation in the Australian Institute of Architects' 2018 Newcastle Architecture Awards.

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