Admit it. No matter what age you were when you first saw the hover board in Back to the Future 2, odds are that you wanted one. Too bad we're a scant three years away from the time when the movie takes place and the hover industry hasn't taken off quite as portrayed - hovercraft notwithstanding. Mattel is getting ready with the next best thing though: a full-sized replica of the famous pink hover board.

Mattel announced their plans to release a version of the iconic hover board at the 2012 Toy Fair in New York but offered a few details. The board will be a 1:1 replica of the one shown in the movie, complete with little details like the hole from where Marty pulled out the handlebars when he first grabbed it. Of course the hover board won't actually float off the ground, but it will be able to glide over most surfaces - similar to FunSlides Carpet Skates - and make different movie-like "whooshing" sounds. And of course, like in the movie, this hover board doesn't work on water.

No specific price will be announced until later this month, but Mattel has noted that it will not be cheap. If you're really keen to be the envy of any child of the 80's, the company will begin accepting pre-orders for it from March 1 to 20, with the final product to ship in November or December if they hit a minimum number of orders.