MBR 3-seat supercar

MBR 3-seat supercar
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January 12, 2006 The F1-inspired three-seater MBR supercar will make one of its rare public appearances at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham (UK) this week. The 550bhp V8-engined Exigence Of Speed combines the latest in aerospace and motor sport technologies, with a lightweight, high-strength composite monocoque chassis and body panels assisting in keeping the kerb weight below 1000 kg without compromising structural rigidity. The Mecachrome V8 engine and six-speed gearbox are mid-mounted longitudinally for optimum weight distribution, and its 550 bhp give the supercar a power-to-weight ratio of 0.5bhp per kg. The double-wishbone unequal length suspension features inboard spring/damper units activated by pushrod as on modern racing cars for best in-class handling characteristics. The final pre-production car and first rolling prototype is planned to be unveiled before the end of 2006 and an assault on the Le Mans 24 Hour race is planned for 2007.

Exactly a year ago MB Roadcars (MBR) presented the ‘Exigence Of Speed’ concept at the for the first time. One year on the company is displaying its full-scale 200mph-plus supercar showcar for the first time at this particular venue. The team of Formula 1 engineers that formed the core of the development team for the exclusive 3-seater supercar company has been joined by more top engineers and executives from leading automotive companies, and optimisation of performance has been pursued on all fronts (from aerodynamics to structural integrity), while the aesthetics have also been improved to accommodate suggestions and remarks received throughout the year.

MBR’s supercar presents a clear departure from the trend followed by other manufacturers. Where others have increased power output and weight with the sole objective of producing big numbers and compromising agility and ultimate performance, MBR has been concentrating on the basic ingredients that have always produced successful and reliable cars: weight; the power-to-weight ratio; and the best possible aerodynamics. The minimum weight of MBR’s car will ensure that it performs at a much higher level than the competition. The definitive MBR supercar will therefore be more practical, more reliable and ultimately quicker from A to B.

Work on the exclusive 3-seater cabin with central driving position has also been pursued to provide the driver and passengers with the most unique and rewarding experience inside a luxurious, spaceage and completely bespoke environment.

MBR is also planning a comprehensive recruitment campaign at the beginning of 2006 tostrengthen its design, development and manufacturing capabilities.

MBR has been working on the development of an ambitious racing programme. The inherent design strategy of the MBR supercar, based on racing technology, has made the car suitable for GT racing with only limited modifications to the road-legal version. MBR therefore intends to race its car in the European Le Mans Series and the famous Le Mans 24 Hours in 2007.

The MB Racing Team was formed at the end of 2005 and will look after the development andtrack-testing of the new GT1 contender as well as its racing activities.

MBR has extended its portfolio of partnerships with the aim of supporting its ambitious growth over the years to come. MBR’s partner companies include:

Mecachrome, the parent company of Mader Racing which supplies engines to MBR, will be an integral part of MBR racing activities. The race cars will be powered by an evolution of the 4-litre V8 engine which powers the road car, specially tuned for endurance racing. The experience, success and reputation of Mecachrome at the highest level of motor sport will be a significant influence on the success and credibility of MB Racing as well as the road cars.

The Millionaire Club and MBR have recently joined forces and will strengthen their marketing channels by providing incentives to their respective clients and will collaborate on a series of events throughout the year.

Gumball 3000 and MBR have initiated their own partnership, which will see both companiescollaborate on a series of events and activities in the near future.

View gallery - 10 images
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