Meade EXT-LS telescope knows where to begin

Meade EXT-LS telescope knows where to begin
Meade EXT-LS "all-in-one" telescope
Meade EXT-LS "all-in-one" telescope
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Meade EXT-LS telescope on display at CES 2009
Meade EXT-LS telescope on display at CES 2009
Meade EXT-LS telescope
Meade EXT-LS telescope
Meade EXT-LS "all-in-one" telescope
Meade EXT-LS "all-in-one" telescope
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January 19, 2009 Telescopes that use computerized navigation to help stargazers find their way around the heavens have been with us for some time, but there's still a problem for the amateur astronomer - knowing where to start. The new Meade EXT-LS telescope makes this task of finding a starting reference point easy by combining a range of technologies including a built in CCD camera, magnetic sensors and GPS to automatically align itself, making it a truly "point-and-shoot" telescope.

The company's one-touch "Lightswitch Technology" automatically provides location, time and date as well as orientation and alignment and the 0.3 megapixel CCD camera can also be used to take digital snaps or display images on a monitor in real-time.

Once a reference point is established, the hand-held controller enables you to tap into a database of over 100,000 celestial objects -select an object, hit the "GoTo" button and the scope will automatically move to the correct position. There's also an in-built "Astronomer Inside" database which delivers audio information on 500 major celestial objects as you view them and can also be used to take a tour of the most interesting and spectacular sights in the sky.

The Meade EXT-LS (6-inch model) is priced at USD$1299.

ETX-LS 6" Specs:

  • Optical Design: Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)
  • Primary Mirror Material: Pyrex® Glass
  • Focal Length, Focal Ratio: 1524mm, f/10
  • Optical Coatings: Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™)
  • Resolving Power (arc seconds): 0.76
  • Limiting Visual Stellar Magnitude: 14
    • MOUNT
    • Mount Type: Aluminum Single-Arm Fork Altazimuth
  • Drives: 4.875 inche precision worm-gear
  • Power: 8 "C" cell batteries or AC adapter
  • Battery Life: 3 to 5 hours
  • Tripod: New Adjustable-height Steel Leg Tripod
    • Controller Hand Box: AutoStar III
  • Processor: 400 Megahertz Blackfin
  • Memory: 256 Megabytes of NAND Flash
  • Storage: Micro SD Card (not included)
  • Input/Output: USB 2.0
  • Speaker: Built in Mount
  • Connections: USB, AutoStar Hand Box, 12v Power In, Electric Focuser, Audio Out, Video Out
    • Content: Descriptions of the Planets, Moon, Stars, Clusters, Nebulae, Galaxies etc.
  • Audio: Over 4 Hours Featuring the Voice of Sandy Wood From "Star Date"
  • Video: 30 Minutes of Movies and Animations, Hundreds of Still Images
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