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Meet Pavarocci

Meet Pavarocci
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Rockustics hi-fidelity outdoor speakers are a product of custom sound contractors, acoustic design engineers and fine artists working together to create both a harmonic and aesthetic statement. The Pavarocci (pictured) is part of the range of 28 models that include rock, planter and more traditional speaker designs. With speakers varying in size from the 70 watts Rocquette to the massive 700 watt BP subwoofer, Rockustics cater for everything from small patio and pool settings to large entertainment venues.

The "rock" casings are made from a weatherproof fiber-reinforced polymer composite that resists rain, frost, snow and ice. Components are made by Vifa and the speakers are engineered with a lift at higher frequencies for optimum results in the open air and the internal design uses non-parallel sides to reduce the effect of "noise" from the outside.

The 70 watt, 2-way Pavarocci speakers are modelled on weathered sedimentary rock and suit smaller areas. Cost (US) $675 per pair. See the next print edition of Gizmo to learn more about Rockustics or in the meantime visit or contact the Australian distributor Audioworks on 02 9930 3900.

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