Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it's time to start getting those costumes together. There are plenty of ways to enhance the visuals of your costume, but one part of Halloween that we tend to forget is sound. A costume can be made a whole lot more authentic with some quality noise. Mega Stomp Panic from ThinkGeek is designed to be your ultimate Halloween sound machine, by detecting movement and making appropriate sounds at just the right times.

ThinkGeek calls its latest creation an "Audio Reality Costume." This seems like an appropriate description of the device. The sounds created by this little device come from your movement. As you step or stomp, it makes its noises, so it seems as if you are the one responsible for them.

Mega Stomp uses a static accelerometer to detect your movements. It emphasizes up and down movements, which is perfect for picking up the way the human body moves when a step is taken. It is able to distinguish between regular steps and stomps, so the sounds are different depending on how you step. It also features ambient noises that are not connected to your movements.

The device features nine different sound environments. They have a hydraulic giant robot, a zombie attack, a rainstorm, a gigantic monster (think Godzilla), a gunslinger, an 8-bit gaming hero, a medieval knight, a pirate, and a steampunk giant robot. Each environment comes equipped with a bunch of sounds that create a pretty authentic feel.

The device comes in two parts. The first one is larger and connects to your pocket, and the smaller one connects to the waistband of your pants. This is how it detects your movement and plays the sounds. The speaker does not look overly large, and the YouTube video doesn't make it clear just how loud it actually is.

This device looks to be a unique way of completing your next Halloween costume. It is on sale for US$39.99 at ThinkGeek now, but the company claims that since it's the first manufacturing run, they do not have a ton in stock.

ThinkGeek's video below shows the device in action and will give you a feel for what it sounds like.

Source: ThinkGeek via Mashable

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