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At just 3 inches deep, it’s not surprising that the Memphis Car Audio SClass Flat Subwoofer has won awards for innovation. If you want big bass you usually need big space. Memphis however, has developed a new method of attaching the spider to the voice coil that improves both durability and sound quality. Generally the spider/voice coil combination needs more space so as to maximize performance and the throw distance the speaker is capable of – more cone movement equals more bass.

Working with the new voice coil and aluminium heatsink mounting systems, this new configuration pulls maximum heat away from the voice coil to help prevent damage under extreme conditions. Whether you intend to drive it hard for a long period of time, these improvements translate to greater clarity and performance at modest volume levels too. The reinforcement of the spider also controls movement more carefully for greater accuracy, sound performance and reliability.

If you own a two seater car, pickup or ute, getting big bass can be difficult. The Memphis Car Audio SClass subwoofers offer rich, deep bass in a small package allowing you to squeeze big bass into spaces where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible, proving that bigger isn’t always better!

Tim LeFevre

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1 comment
Steve Alvarez
Oh common, where are the specs???? \"Rich, deep bass,...\" What...40 hz, 30 hz,...??? Deep bass to you may be barely bass to me...