Auto Shanghai debut for Mercedes Concept A-Class

Auto Shanghai debut for Mercedes Concept A-Class
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Due to be shown for the first time at Auto Shanghai later this month is the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class, no doubt a very strong indication of the next A-Class due for production in 2012. Following the styling cues first seen in the F800, the front-wheel-drive concept is powered by a 210 bhp, direct injection, turbocharged, transverse 2.0 liter four-cylinder BlueEFFICIENCY engine from the new M270 series. The A-Class Concept sports a world first for the compact class in the form of a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive Brake Assist and lightning shifts will be possible with a dual clutch transmission. The spectacular driver information display with integrated smartphone is another highlight of a car you'll probably be able to buy within 12 months.

The Collision Prevention Assist warning system is primarily focused on reducing rear-end collisions, emitting a visual and acoustic warning while simultaneously preparing Brake Assist to deliver immediate and precise braking response once initiated by the driver. The full-LED headlamps are complemented by daytime running lamps consisting of 90 aluminum-sleeved optical fibers.

With the smartphone fast heading for the same ubiquity the mobile phone has achieved, it's becoming increasingly obvious that smartphone integration is the way of the future for automotive interfaces. Not surprisingly, the Concept A-Class tightly meshes a smartphone with the operating concept of the vehicle. All the applications, services and features of the smartphone can be operated via COMAND Online.

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Bill Bennett
yettch, the lights on the dash, yettch, the steering wheel to hurl on, yettch, the body lines, did they take nice panels and crush them against a post? gonna stick with my Audi 200 Avant 20V as I work on MickieBenZ in the usa the c class is crap, the s class spendy to fix the e class,, yawn
Facebook User
@Bill Bennett
Don\'t buy it, I will..
Cowfy Kaufman
does the collision radar inform you after the accident as well?
Francois Retief
Nice concept and a massive improvement over the current A class. It seems MB may finally have a super-mini that can compete in the world market.
@Bill Bennet: ??? I see words and most seems to be in English or American at least, but I have no idea what your\'re trying to say.
Utkarsh Kumar
this nose of Mercedes is something. this new nose definitely gives that distint charm of superior siblings of the line. this car can revive merc presence in luxury small car market.
I could see this being the replacement for my CL230...except, front wheel drive???? NO!!! If i\'m paying that sort of coin I want to be able to able to light up the REAR tires. 210 hp is a waste if the first thing it does is unload the front tires and activate the traction control. I\'ve driven an A class...gutless peice of Crysler inspired crap. For the love of all that Mercedes stands for, make this car rear wheel drive or don\'t make it at all!