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Mercedes-Benz presents the Automatic Bike 2006

Mercedes-Benz presents the Automatic Bike 2006
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March 1, 2006 The name Mercedes Benz is synonymous with automobiles but it should be noted that the marque is also at the forefront of bicycle development. Twelve months ago Mercedes launched an automatic pushbike, and yesterday updated the 2006 Automatic Bike with a wealth of technical modifications and a much-enhanced sporty design. With a choice of two equipment lines, it brings a whole new dimension to muscle-powered movement at the same time as reducing the weight by a full four kilograms.

Equipped with a Shimano "Cyber-Nexus" eight-speed gear shift system and sensor-controlled lights, the bike adapts itself to the current cycling conditions. The central on-board computer mounted on the handlebar stem provides the rider with important information such as the current bike speed and the engaged gear. Furthermore, the computer collates riding parameters such as cadence (pedalling frequency) and bike speed and then selects the optimal gear ratio automatically. As an alternative to automatic mode, the rider can change gear manually using the handlebar-mounted rocker switches.

Another safety and comfort-enhancing feature is the intelligent lighting system consisting of a front and rear light, which are activated and deactivated automatically by means of a sensory system, and also incorporate a parking-light function. Plus the rear light flashes when the bike is being ridden slowly. The Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike comes with a choice of frame heights – 46 cm or 54 cm – and is available in two equipment lines: the basic version, which does not include the lighting system or luggage rack system, retails at € 1690 whilst the fully-equipped version costs € 1890.

The Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike is available from authorised Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Sales in Germany start in April with overseas markets rolling out from there. The prices quoted are recommended prices for the German market only and include VAT.

View gallery - 8 images
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