Mercedes-Benz Telephone Module with Bluetooth offers new telephoning freedom

Mercedes-Benz Telephone Module with Bluetooth offers new telephoning freedom
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June 23, 2006 Mercedes-Benz new telephone module with Bluetooth (SAP-Profile) software offers a new level of freedom for mobile phone users, as it enables a mobile telephone to remain in the user’s jacket pocket or handbag. Once registered, the Bluetooth (SAP-Profile)-compatible mobile telephone is recognized by the new system as soon as it comes within range of the vehicle. Due to the SAP-Profile software (SIM Access Profile), the module automatically accesses the SIM card. In addition, access is also possible to the internal memories of specific mobile phones. This means that the user is not only able to telephone, but can also search for a stored number or read an SMS. All these functions can be safely and user-friendly controlled by the driver via the multifunction steering wheel, the audio system and the central display in the instrument cluster.

High-mileage drivers who use the telephone often know the problem: due to rushing the driver leaves the mobile telephone in the portable CTEL holder and has to desperately search for it later. The solution for this or similar situations is called 'Mercedes-Benz Telephone Module with Bluetooth (SAP-Profile)': This optional accessory from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH makes mobile telephoning from the car safe and comfortable as never before. The greatest advantage compared to standard solutions is that the mobile telephone can remain in the jacket pocket or handbag. The connection to the vehicle is transmitted completely automatically.

A further advantage: compared to standard Bluetooth solutions without SAP-Profile are the best possible reception and the best audible quality inside the vehicle. Thanks to Bluetooth (SAP-Profile) the new telephone module provides the connection to the GSM network via the exterior antenna of the car telephone. This means that the mobile telephone has no connection to the GSM network, access is automatically deactivated and the unit switches to standby mode.

Ingeniously simple operation

The module has only one button. This activates the 'pairing' process, i.e. the initial connection between the mobile telephone and the module. From then on the connection always functions automatically.

The telephone module with Bluetooth (SAP-Profile) enhances the mobile telephone system in many current Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Because the plug connections are compatible it can be simply plugged into the mobile telephone pre-installation in the centre armrest.

Two variants immediately available

The Mercedes-Benz Telephone Module with Bluetooth (SAP-Profile) is available in two variants from Mercedes-Benz sales partners: as a closed-box system in autonomous design for 373 euros (German price, including VAT), or as a handset with handrest and passive cable-connected receiver for 406 euros (German price, including VAT). Both models are fitted with a Bluetooth (SAP- Profile) and a SIM card reader, and their shape and size have been adapted to the Mercedes-Benz mobile telephone pre-installation with universal interface. The ergonomically designed handset also offers the Privacy Mode, which enables that other passengers do not hear the conversation. The hands-free system is muted in this case. The box can be installed in all Mercedes-Benz models with mobile telephone pre-installation with universal interface (optional equipment code 386, 388).

Currently, Mercedes-Benz has thoroughly tested and recommends Nokia’s 6230, 6230i and 8800 and Siemens S65, SK65, S75 and SL75 as supporting Bluetooth (SAP-Profile)-technology and being fully compatible with the Mercedes-Benz Telephone Module. Further units with Bluetooth SAP technology are under consideration and will be recommended when testing is complete.

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth is an industrial specification introduced in 1999 for wireless data and voice transmission between communications equipment. These include, for example, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), organizers, mobile telephones, personal computers and printers.

Data is exchanged between Bluetooth devices via 'profiles' which are defined for specific areas of application. When a Bluetooth connection has been installed (pairing) the devices exchange their profiles and determine which specific services they can provide for each of the other partners, and what data or commands they require for this. The identification of the Bluetooth devices between each other is via a worldwide unique 48-bit address.

The name has its origin in Scandinavian history. In the 10th century there ruled a king called Harald Blauzahn who united warring Viking tribes. In a figurative sense, the function of Bluetooth is similar, namely the connection of different communication devices.

Alternative for mobile telephones without Bluetooth (SAP-Profile)-support: the original mobile telephone cradles from Mercedes-Benz

Whoever owns a mobile telephone which does not have the Bluetooth (SAP-Profile)-support can reliably establish the mobile telephone contact to the hands-free system via special mobile telephone cradles. The cradles from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH are technically and optically custom-designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicle models. They enable operation of the mobile telephone with the multifunction steering wheel, as well as the display of the telephone status on the multifunction display. In addition, these cradles can be used to load the accumulator of the specific mobile telephone in the vehicle. The range on offer is extensive and is continuously updated.

Currently the program includes the original Mercedes-Benz mobile telephone cradles for these mobile telephone models - Nokia 3120, 6020, 6021, 6100, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6310, 6310i, 6610, 6610i, 6820, 6822, 7250i, Siemens S65, SP65, SK65, CX65, CXT65, CX65V, CX70, CXT70, CX70V, M75, ME75, CX75, S75 and SonyEricsson T610, T630, K600i, K750i, W800i.

However the vehicle must be fitted with the mobile telephone pre-installation special equipment with interface, or with the optional Mercedes-Benz Mobile Telephone or with the Original Mercedes-Benz Hands-Free System (accessories).

Under every prospective customer has the opportunity to fit their vehicle according to their individual requirements with original accessories from Mercedes-Benz. These also include custom-designed telematics solutions for navigation, communication and entertainment.

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