Mercedes dominated the 2014 Formula One season, with a one-two in the Drivers Championship and a comfortable first placing in the Constructors Championship. To celebrate its success, the German manufacturer has created two special edition SL 63 AMG Roadsters dedicated to, and co-created by, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg respectively. Just 38 will be built.

The SL 63 designed with World Champion Lewis Hamilton in mind features a special shade of black paint that sets it apart from standard Mercedes SL Roadsters, while there are gold highlights on the front and rear bumpers, as well as the bonnet, and chromed black exhaust pipes.

This theme carries over to the interior, where the black leather used for the seats and center console is offset by gold colored stitching and trim pieces.

Nico Rosberg's SL is finished in white, with contrasting grey used for elements like the doorhandles, bootlid spoiler and LED daytime running light surrounds in the headlamps. Mercedes points out that, even though the drivers struggled to put their differences behind them on the track at times, they could agree on something – the color of the exhaust tips is the same on both cars.

Inside Mercedes and Rosberg have chosen titanium grey leather for the seats and upper parts of the dashboard, as well as the SL's soft convertible top. White leather has been used for the lower part of the dash and the center console, with white cashmere trim.

Beyond Mercedes' aesthetic changes, Nico and Lewis' cars have been given a fairly significant power boost. Power from the 5.5-liter V8 has been increased from 395 kW (530 hp) to 430 kW (585 hp), with peak torque capped at 900 Nm (664 lb.ft) – up from the standard V8's 800 Nm. The speed limiter also kicks in later, allowing drivers to hit 300 km/h (186 mph) instead of the standard car's 250 km/h (155 mph).

Each special edition SL is also built to commemorate a race from this year's calendar, so no two cars are exactly the same. Instead, each has a different track embroidered into its floor mats and engraved onto the center console.

So, whats the price of exclusivity? Well, quite a lot in this car's case – Mercedes is asking €320,110 (US$393,287) for one car or, if you can't decide between Lewis and Nico's designs, €629,510 (US$773,416) for a pair.

The cars will be delivered at the 2015 German Grand Prix.

Source: Daimler

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