Are you a beachcomber who is sick and tired of lugging around a hand-held metal detector as you search for buried treasures? Well, your prayers have been answered with these Metal Detecting Sandals that can pick-up objects buried up to 2-feet underground.

A battery pack that straps to your calf powers a copper coil built into the right sandal. Using beat frequency oscillation, the coil creates a magnetic field that is distorted by any metal object.

Not only is the fashion statement loud and clear, the battery pack also alerts the wearer to the presence of metal with a flashing red light and vibration or audible buzz. And if that doesn’t get those bikini babes’ attention as you pull an empty soda can from the sand, you could always try slipping some socks on as well.

The Metal Detecting Sandals are available from Hammacher Schlemmer in mens and women’s sizes for USD$59.95.