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Metz mecaHome+ home automation from the TV for USD$270

Metz mecaHome+ home automation from the TV for USD$270
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Metz demonstrated its new home automation management system at IFA in Berlin this week and there are some highly enticing aspects to its mecaHome+ methodology, most notably that it uses the Xcomfort wireless system from electrical engineering specialist Moeller (hence no wires) and it allows control of the home’s electrical functions to be managed centrally by a Metz television.

At Metz mecaHome+, the Metz television acts as the information and control centre. Depending on the setting, the user can receive reports by screen display of what is happening in his house. By means of the radio system Xcomfort from Moeller, components such as motion detectors, temperature display, light switches, doorbells, smoke detectors and lighting can be easily checked or controlled at the press of a button on the usual Metz remote control.

Unusual occurrences are reported immediately, depending on the setting, even if the homeowner is engrossed in an exciting thriller or is getting information about the day's events in the world. Thus, the customer is assured of a high degree of information, safety and ease of use.

The composition of the components occurs individually by the user – to monitor the children's room or the temperature in the wine cellar – whether it be the light dimmer or window contact. Metz mecaHome+ makes operational comfort more individual than ever. However, the control functions just like usual. In the Tri Star user menu of the television – awarded multiple times with the Plus X Award – controlling everything is child's play by means of the tried and true Metz remote control.

The new Metz mecaHome+ radio control unit has been available to customers since the beginning of June 2009 as an additional, innovative product in combination with numerous Metz televisions from their own Metz dealers. And it doesn't matter whether the customer opts right away for the new Metz mecaHome+ when purchasing a new Metz TV or only decides afterwards. The competent Metz dealer will perform all installation and fine-tuning of Metz mecaHome+ and guarantee the correct installation of the Moeller Xcomfort radio system components for your customers.

Recommended retail price: mecaHome+ radio control unit EUR 190 (USD$270) plus the individual Moeller components you select to control.

View gallery - 5 images
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